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Associazione Guide Turistiche d'Abruzzo

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L'Associazione NaTourArte
nasce nel 1998 per promuovere l'Abruzzo quale destinazione d'eccellenza per nuovi turismi, valorizzandone tutti gli aspetti costitutivi dell'identità culturale, della natura, del paesaggio.
Con l'istituzione dell'Albo delle Guide Turistiche della Regione Abruzzo, l'Associazione, democratica e non lucrativa, coordina e tutela l'attività di circa 50 guide autorizzate e attive, costituendo il riferimento più rappresentativo e qualificato in Abruzzo

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Itineraries in Abruzzo

Since the 19th century travellers and literature have been describing Abruzzo as a "strong and gentle" region. Words which do not solely refer to the temper of local inhabitants.
Abruzzo is as strong and gentle as its landscape and scenic splendour: as strong as the solemn majesty of Gran Sasso and Majella and as gentle as the cool, green forests sweeping down the hillsides to meet an inviting gentle coast of wide, golden sands.
Timeless and different landscapes follow one after another while revealing villages and towns, amazing jewels of art and handicraft, as a prove of the ancient Abruzzo splendour: that greatness which is not the only shown in the largely abused ichnography of sheep and bagpipes.

Sites to visit and itineraries
  • L'AQUILA and the National Park of Gran Sasso
  • SULMONA and the Peligna Valley
  • SCANNO and the National Park of Abruzzo
  • PESCOCOSTANZO and the National Park of Majella
  • ALBA FUCENS, CELANO and Marsica
  • CIVITELLA DEL TRONTO and the area of Teramo
  • ATRI and its badlands
  • LANCIANO and the Frentani area
  • Abbeys along the river Pescara valley

Our team is willing to offer you free pieces of advice and suggestions to help you to manage the best itinerary for your requirements!

NaTourArte guides can give you a wide range of theme itineraries: the most popular, listed below, are in the Association catalogue; others can be worked out on demand.

Theme itineraries
  • THE ANCIENT ABRUZZO, from the Warrior of Capestrano to the time of the Roman Empire
    ( 3 days )
  • GETTING TO KNOW ?Via degli Abruzzi?, trade, art and culture in Abruzzo during the 15th century
    ( 2 days )
  • THE TRANSHUMANCE TRACKS in the three National Parks of Abruzzo
    ( 3/4 days )
  • ABRUZZO AND ITS CHRISTMAS CRIBS, popular religiousness art, handicraft and folklore
    ( 3/4 days )
  • POPE CELESTINE THE 5th; telling the story of a holy eremite
    ( 3 days )
  • A JOURNEY IN THE POETS PLACES: Ovid and D'Annunzio
    ( 3 days )
  • ABRUZZO AND ITS CASTLES, from the early Middle Ages to the last Bourbons' fortress
    ( 3/4 days )
  • THE GOLDSMITH'S ART IN ABRUZZO, from the Renaissance of Nicola da Guardiagrele to the shepherds jewels
  • MARGARET OF AUSTRIA, Wines for Her Majesty

... and more

  • Wines tasting and food tasting: tours through the famous local wines and typical food producers.
  • Trips through folklore and historical commemorations
  • Art and nature itineraries
  • Didactic itineraries and environmental education in the Abruzzo parks
[Sulmona: Garibaldi Square]
[Pettorano sul Gizio: The Cantelmo Castle]
[Natural preserve of Punta Aderci]
[Avezzano: The Orsini-Colonna Castle]
[The Mountain chain of Sirente]

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