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Associazione Guide Turistiche d'Abruzzo

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L'Associazione NaTourArte
nasce nel 1998 per promuovere l'Abruzzo quale destinazione d'eccellenza per nuovi turismi, valorizzandone tutti gli aspetti costitutivi dell'identità culturale, della natura, del paesaggio.
Con l'istituzione dell'Albo delle Guide Turistiche della Regione Abruzzo, l'Associazione, democratica e non lucrativa, coordina e tutela l'attività di circa 50 guide autorizzate e attive, costituendo il riferimento più rappresentativo e qualificato in Abruzzo

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The Web Site www.natourarte.it has been designed and realised to firmly offer a contribution to tourist promotion of Abruzzo Region, and to stress the value of professional tourist guides. To reach such a result a professional team of experts, freelances and young skilled and talented people had been hardly working for long.

Antonio Forgione
He designed and implemented both Web site resources and its database. He deals with back-end and administration server managing. He designed and realised www.prezza.net.

Andrea Forgione
He projected and realised the site graphic design and layout. He deals with accessibility, search engine optimization, ranking and positioning together with external contacts. He designed and realised www.sulmona.org.

Project Coordinator and texts writer
Maria Domenica Fracassi
She is one of the senior co-founder and vice-president of NaTourArte Association. Her main activity is shared between being a professional, experienced tourist guide and collaborating with public corporations and museums to promote and enhance tourist activities. She is also in charge of Public Relations as a NaTourArte promoter and she deals with realization of assets.

Special Acknowledgements
Our friends: Marco Venditti, thanks for your ready help in a moment of need, Rosanna Ventresca and Luca Schiavo and of course to thanks all our visitors, because without their support (not only for visiting our Web Site but first of all for their advice and suggestions) we would not be so proud of setting up such a site.

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[Atri: View over gully erosions]

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