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Associazione Guide Turistiche d'Abruzzo

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L'Associazione NaTourArte
nasce nel 1998 per promuovere l'Abruzzo quale destinazione d'eccellenza per nuovi turismi, valorizzandone tutti gli aspetti costitutivi dell'identità culturale, della natura, del paesaggio.
Con l'istituzione dell'Albo delle Guide Turistiche della Regione Abruzzo, l'Associazione, democratica e non lucrativa, coordina e tutela l'attività di circa 50 guide autorizzate e attive, costituendo il riferimento più rappresentativo e qualificato in Abruzzo

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Guided tours

Do you want a much more pleasant and exciting guided tour through Abruzzo Region? Let yourself be escorted by a NaTourArtee tourist guide.

Our guides have got a long experience in this field and a deep knowledge of their territory. Their helpfulness and courtesy make our guided tours not only lovely and friendly but first of all as culturally appealing as only professional experts can make them!

Our tourist guides are titular of Specialised University Diplomas. They are all registered members of the Regional Tourist Guide Board which allows them to lead you throughout the discovery of both natural sites and local National Museums, together with excursions, didactic guides, fairs and exhibitions.

Most of the Guides are also Rock Guides for routes of any length or Group Escorts. All of them are certified so to offer safe and reliable guide services.


Fees may vary according to the itinerary previously agreed together with all services and special organization it may require. Special reductions and competitive fares will be granted to Tour Operators willing to insert our services in their catalogues or to Agencies requesting more then 10 of our services within 12 months. Taxes are included in the below price list.

Services and terms
Services Fees
HD Services in Italian language from  70,00 €  to  140,00 €
FD Services in Italian language from  120,00 €  to  200,00 €
Extra charge for English, German, French, Spanish languages 25,00 €
Extra charge for Russian language 30,00 €
Extra charge for Japanese language 50,00 €
  • The above mentioned fees include guide services and if necessary an escort guide on the coach which will not be extra charged.
  • In FD services groups will be charged for the guide's lunch cost.
  • The HD and FD services are referred to the content complexity of the guided tours and not to the elapsed time. The average length of any guided tour may vary from 3 hours for HD services and 7 hours for FD.
  • Afternoon HD services will take place from 3.30 p.m. on demand and with an extra charge of 10.00 € afternoon dates may be anticipated. For night guided tours (from 8.30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. max) an extra charge of 30.00 € will be required.
  • Some special cases may require the guide's expenses refund which will be agreed in due course.
  • Guided tours in Japanese language might be supported by a qualified professional interpreter if necessary.

Rock Guides for routes of any length

The Rock Guides Staff is composed of skilled guides of the Abruzzo mountains and experts in the typical culture of Abruzzo Region.

NaTourArte will escort you through the discovery of the extraordinary wealth of the flora and the fauna of the most beautiful landscapes in the Apennines range and will offer you a safe, extraordinary experience. Our operators, from the youngest to the eldest one, are all professional members recognized by the Regional Tourist Guide Board.
Quotation prices on demand.

Any NaTourArte's guiding activities are insured against any damage to third parties by Levante Norditalia Assicurazioni, insurance number n. 552442506-05. According to local laws, guides, rock guides or group escorts are titular of further personal insurances.
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