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Associazione Guide Turistiche d'Abruzzo

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L'Associazione NaTourArte
nasce nel 1998 per promuovere l'Abruzzo quale destinazione d'eccellenza per nuovi turismi, valorizzandone tutti gli aspetti costitutivi dell'identità culturale, della natura, del paesaggio.
Con l'istituzione dell'Albo delle Guide Turistiche della Regione Abruzzo, l'Associazione, democratica e non lucrativa, coordina e tutela l'attività di circa 50 guide autorizzate e attive, costituendo il riferimento più rappresentativo e qualificato in Abruzzo

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Educational trips
and didactic activities

NaTourArte offers one more opportunity to foreigners:
We have a course for you, whether you want to improve your Italian at school or just improve your ability in speaking and understanding Italian language and culture combining a relaxing vacation and an exciting study holiday.

In Sulmona we offer a comprehensive range of Summer Courses and provide tuition at various levels.
You can choose one of our popular Summer Courses, and in addition to the tuition, we offer you a large variety of study visits, social excursions, leisure and sports activities.

The didactic activity is supported by study trips and you are given the chance to become acquainted with a wonderfully picturesque area of central Italy, to mix with the friendly local people renowned for their hospitality, and to meet people from various countries as well.

On week-ends it is possible to visit the most important Italian towns, all close and well connected: (by coach: Rome, Naples, Bologna, Venice; by train, direct connection: Rome, Naples; by plane, from the Abruzzo Airport, Milan, Turin, Venice, Bergamo, Sardinia).

The courses last for a minimum of two weeks, with arrivals and departures on Sundays.
Our courses are intended for students from 15 years old and over, but also for adults who appreciate to combine discovering the attraction of a cultural, historical region and a relaxing, appealing holiday.
So... take a chance on us and make new friends!

[Pacentro: The Caldora Castle]
[Castelli: Camicia mountain]
[Castiglione a Casauria: Abbazia di S. Clemente]
[Raiano: Aterno river]

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